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Student athletes and student umpires have an increased level of responsibility in having to develop the time management skills needed to complete after-school work and study with athletic practice and games. In order to recognize those students that are successful and highly successful in that development, Berkeley Little League has instituted an academic excellence recognition program.


This program aims to give our league an opportunity to honor the most academically accomplished student athletes and student umpires through the “Academic All-Stars” recognition. The process for eligibility is outlined below. If your child meets the eligibility requirements, we invite you or the student to complete the following application. All completed applications will require a report card including marking periods 1-3. Please fill out the application and submit it by Wednesday, April 20, 2022 via Berkeley Little League's website.


• Eligibility

Open to students in grades 3 and above

GPA of 90.0+ will be eligible for the Elite Academic All-Star distinction

GPA of 85.0-89.9 is eligible for the Academic All-Star distinction

A GPA is determined by finding the mean average.

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